About RIP ‘n’ RUN

Basketball in Ireland – This is RIP ‘N’ RUN a series of Basketball Camps that teach the game of basketball to players of all ages.

RipnRun Basketballs

RipnRun - Planet Basketball

Co-ordinated by coaches

MARK INGLE -  Director Rip'n'Run

MARK INGLE - Director Rip'n'Run

Mark Ingle (Coach of DCU Mercy and International Coach of ten years)

ADRIAN FULTON -  Director Rip'n'Run

ADRIAN FULTON - Director Rip'n'Run

Adrian Fulton (Former Captain of Senior Irish Team)

MARK SCANNELL -  Director Rip'n'Run

MARK SCANNELL - Director Rip'n'Run

Mark Scannell(Head Coach, Team Montenotte and Ireland Senior Women’s Team 2009).

Rip ‘n’ Run will bring you a method of coaching that is fun and enjoyable and takes place in a unique atmosphere. Through their vast experience of coaching, they will make the Rip’n’Run Camp the best you will ever attend.

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